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DGL Bondlast

NZ-owned manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of high quality products for the construction industry.

Our products are tried and tested, using modern technologies and developed by a team with over 80 years of combined experience in the industrial chemistry sector.

Should you be in the market for acrylic, cement or latex-based adhesives, latex compounds, roading additives, waterproofing or simply general ancillary industrial construction products, look no further than DGL Bondlast.


Our extensive technical background in the Floor Preparation, and both Hard and Soft Flooring products has allowed us to develop a large range of high quality products that lend themselves well to the specification market.

Our locally made products have been developed to suit New Zealand conditions, and we import additional ranges to provide ancillary products that support these in installation systems.


Our large range of products allows for ‘vertical’ specification of floor preparation, and installation systems for almost any hard or soft flooring onto a wide range of substrates. This includes prep and installation systems for Ceramic Tiles, Carpet and Carpet Tiles, Viny Sheet and Plank products, Engineered Timber and Solid Wood floors and more.

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DGL Bondlast HQ

Toll Blending

We offer a range of powder and liquid blending and packaging solutions, including testing using out internal QC laboratory, which can be readily adapted to test your products to your required specifications.


DGL Bondlast offers products and systems for inclusion into Architectural Specification documents, including waterproofing systems used in primary and secondary containment systems. In conjunction with our Technical Team and Distributor Partnerships, we also offer collaboration services to assist in establishing the correct technical data required during the specification process.

Refer to our specification website for an overview of our capabilities, and reach out via our Contact Us page.

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