Latex Based Compounds

A large part of our business at DGL Bondlast revolves around Latex ‘Compounding’ and Latex sales, making us the largest importer of latex in the country. This includes various grades of CSBR, SBR, and grades of Natural Latex as well.

Our product range in this area includes a wide variety of ‘bespoke’ pre-blended latex compounds that we make for many customers, both large and small, in the Carpet and Rug, and the Artificial Turf manufacturing Industries, as well as a specialised latex additive for bitumen modification for the Roading Industry.

We also supply specialised latex grades for other applications including modification of cement-based materials, manufacture of adhesives and primers, liquid rubber dipping, mould manufacture and more.

If you have an application that requires the use of compounded latex or latex additives, we’re the experts in the industry and will be more than happy to accommodate your requirements. Simply enquire at: and one of our friendly staff will be able to assist you.